Internal Only Router (No WAN)

  • Being accustomed to Cisco & MikroTik routers, I'm used to only having an interface become a "WAN" interface after all of the necessary firewall and routes are setup manually.  As far as I can tell, pfSense forces you to designate one of the interfaces as WAN.  Is there any way to setup an internal only router that would just route between two or more subnets without a WAN connection?  I've accomplished this by pretending WAN is one of the LANs and ripping out a bunch of firewall rules and others, but I'm wondering if there's a cleaner way.

  • 2.x should treat all interfaces equally, but by default there is a WAN, I think ripping out the rules is the right thing.
    Only thing left to do is change the name of the interface, you can do that under Interfaces - (interface name) - Description field

  • I didnt even bother to rip out the rules…

    just setup with a dummy as the WAN, then pointed the DNS to DC and it was fine...

  • Why not just assign a WAN interface and then attach nothing to it? Are you running into restrictions because of the number of interfaces you have? I have a few situations similar to what you describe and I simply assign a WAN to DHCP and then just connect nothing to the assigned WAN interface.