How exactly does the trigger work in Multi-WAN?

  • At my office my primary internet connection just went down, but it is not switching over to the secondary internet connection.  I set the trigger level to "Packet Loss or High Latency" and I was able to see it in action when I disconnected the ethernet wire of the primary internet connection or unplug its modem.  But this time its simply an internet outage in my area.

    So my question is: Is the pfSense device checking the latency and/or packet loss between itself and the modem of the primary internet connection or is it actually checking for internet connectivity?

  • The gateway (router), unless you specify anything else as the route's Monitor IP.

  • Well that sucks because it's not serving the purpose I wanted it to.  Is there a way I can set it up to ping an URL, like, every minute to check for packet loss or something, and to have a set number of retries if it fails?  Or any other method similar to this that anyone knows of would be appreciated.

  • like hagfelds already mentioned, you can specify a monitor ip for each gateway. This can be any pingable public ip

    goto system–>routing-->gateways-->edit gateway[e]–>monitor ip-->save

  • You also need to specify the failover group as the gateway under Advanced in your LAN's default allow rule.  I've forgotten to do this several times and wondered why failover isn't working until I fixed the rule!

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