• I have a Net4801/pfsense 1.01, i am interested in getting a camera to work on it.  I am not sure which would be the best way to go…usb/ethernet/wireless.  I am looking for any experiences.

    many thanks

  • I don't know of any way you are going to get a camera to work 'on' the box. You can get a network camera plugged into the LAN, then forward ports so you can view remotely.

  • I was hoping that i could connect a network camera to the LAN port directly, Is that possible? Or maybe a USB camera (Could you recommend any Brands/Models?)

    From what understand, is that the network camera needs to go thur a router…I am new at all this.

  • You will want either an ethernet or a wireless camera. It will connect to your LAN (through a switch/hub or if connecting directly, a cross-over cable) or your wireless network just like any other device on your network.

    I am planning on purchasing a Panasonic BL-C10A. Their line of wired and wireless cameras have excellent reviews and the cameras do not require Internet Explorer to operate as with some other brands. Their wireless models also have an ethernet port.

  • The most important question is: what do you wanna do?
    Brand and model are useless to know at this stage.

    …ah, and forget about plugging a camera in the USB slot of your Soekris box.
    A USB port from your PC might be fine or a stand alone network camera. But now we are back at the basic question.


  • Thank you qnyc for the link, I had'nt seen those.

    jahonix - home security, it is an outdoor and indoor project.

  • @darbin:

    home security, it is an outdoor and indoor project.

    Well, right on track with me then. My company does that in a limited way.

    When you need more than just one web cam and plan on using it for surveillance you might end up with a whole system.
    Pros are recording, cam control (pan/tilt/zoom) and alarm actions among others.
    On the downside is the price.

    If you just want to take a look from the outside then network cameras should be sufficient.

    Have a look at:  http://www.boschsecurity.com  for some really nice IP cameras (follow the 'IP video' link).
    Even if it shouldn't meet your price point you can still get lots of informations there…


  • Thanks to all for the help.  It has given me good direction.