Backup File Name?

  • Assuming I downloaded a backup of the configuration from the webGUI, what would have been the default filename it would have been saved under?

    And the same question for making the backup from the terminal console.

    Thank you.

  • config-<hostname>-<timestamp>.xml

    There isn't a console facility to do a backup short of going to the command prompt and copying /cf/conf/config.xml manually.</timestamp></hostname>

  • Then option 98: Move config file… is something other than a backup? Then maybe it just relocates where pfSense works with it?

  • option 98 (only there when running from live CD) moves the active config to a floppy or USB flash drive.

  • Thank you, @cmb, for the clue as to the config backup filename. I found it.

    Looking through the xml file, I can't help but wonder if all the settings are there: user/pass, firewall rules, etc, etc, etc.

    So, thank you for your patience, but allow me to ask, if I install from CD onto a new hard drive, and have the config xml file ready on a floppy, will I be back at exactly where I was?

    (Obviously, any logging will be lost.)

  • yeah if the config is on the floppy, you'll be back to the same point.

  • Well, rebuilding the pfSense box took just a bit more effort than I had hoped.

    I saw where the installation was looking for 'config.xml' on the floppy, so I suppose if I had it on there, it would have found it.

    I think I saw where it looked on the flash drive, and if I had the file named 'config.xml', it would have found it. But it had the backup name. So I had to wait until I could access the WebConfigurator to load it up that way.

    Anyway, just reporting that the pfSense box is functional.

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