Client by pass Proxy Server using firewall ip as a DNS

  • I newly configure the pfsense with proxy server but some clients in my network are use firewall ip as a dns and they remove setting from browser so they get unfiltered internet. if i disable dns forwarder then i cant use internet what is the way to force client use the proxy server?

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    So your pfsense is also you dns server as well as the gateway for your clients?

    Apologies have only just got out of bed so am still a little fuzzy  :)

    Why not disable the dns server on pfsense and roll out another on a different server which would mean a different dns ip address.

    Then if the users change the ip in IE to the new dns server they will get no internet?

    And/Or if you are using windows servers, a dns server/service is already built in

    And/Or you can also use windows group policy to specify the IE settings which could also prevent them from changing them.

    I only say the above as that is my setup.

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    So you must be running proxy as explicit setup, on what port?  Only allow access on lan firewall interface to proxy port.  Now if they don't use the proxy setting they don't get anything.  And since your blocking direct access to pfsense on 53, they can not even get dns - require proxy to look it up, etc.

  • thanks but if i allow only proxy port then ms outlook will not send and recieve mail from port 995 and 587 even if i open these ports

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    Well then allow those ports if you need them.  Get as restrictive as you want, say those ports and destination IPs /Networks is only where you want to allow it.

  • It has nothing to do with what they're using for DNS, you have to configure your firewall rules to only permit traffic to the proxy and other traffic you need to allow directly out, and not allow HTTP or HTTPS directly out.