Veeerrrryyy slow boot beeps on VIA M10000

  • Are slow boot beeps symptomatic of other issues? I'm running 1.2b1 embedded on a VIA M10000 (1GHz Eden), and the boot beeps are incredibly slow compared to the LiveCD version. I'd guess 4-6x slower.

    Besides the beep thing and slow admin page updates, the combination is working well.

  • i'm running embedded on p4 with 1gb ram and cf card. same thing… slow beeps, longer boot, but admin page is almost as fast as usual.

  • Yeah it's normal when you're running from CF.

  • Good deal. Thanks. I installed a CF version in another system today - an older dell 1.7GHz P4 box - and saw the same behavior. Same, except everything else is much faster. A couple simple tests show great throughput! Looks like small is about to be replaced by fast.

  • It is due to us using a kern.hz="100" on embedded.

    Just consider it a "feature".

  • Is there any 'easy' aka 'i'm not a developer' way to change this value? Or is it possible to simply turn off the beep altogether?


  • BUMP



  • You can change your hz by adding a "kern.hz=blah" line to /boot/loader.conf, replacing "blah" with a number (like 1000 will make the beeps their "normal" length). I don't know how you can disable it.

  • Thank you! I may try setting the value to '0' to disable. However, speeding up the process will greatly help. As you can imagine, it is extremely irritating. Thank you again!!!


  • Do NOT run at kern.hz=0. The system probably won't even boot. That's the system timing, the beeps just happen to be affected by that setting.

  • By modifying this setting, what effects will it have on the system as a whole? Will it affect latency?


  • It won't have any effect (at reasonable values, 100-2000 or so) unless you're using polling as it determines the polling rate. Polling use isn't recommended.