Interface specific DNS

  • Hello… I am currently running the 2.1-BETA0 (i386) built on Sun Sep 23 01:20:35 EDT 2012.

    Why has the interface specific DNS entry been removed? This was a useful and very easy to use feature. For my current specific use it was forcing my children to use OpenDNS filtering and not forcing it on myself and my wife. I did however see many other uses for interface specific DNS. Are there any plans to add this back in to 2.1? Is it gone for good? I did a few forum searches and then also attempted to search the forum with google. I was not able to find anything specifically addressing this topic. My apologies in advance if my searching was not thorough enough.

    Thank you

  • I don't understand what you mean. Under Services > DHCP Server > [Name of Interface] I can assign each interface to use a unique DNS server.

  • It's still there where it's always been.

  • cmb: doh… yep my bad. Wasted bits…  :o
    I ran into the page a few moments ago... prompted my return to the forums.

    joako: thank you. I'm guessing it was too many brews that night. ;-)

    I really should have known I've used it quite regularly… an old-timers moment creeping in... bad post
    :D    Now that's a Marquee!    8)

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