Crash dump

  • Is there a tool or portal that we could upload the crash dump file for us to determine the contents of it? My pfsense keeps on hanging and after I reboot it manually, it generates a crash dump file. This happens thrice already. I'm using pfsense 2.0.2 kernel i386 memory is 2GB.

    If someone needs additional info, just let me know. BTW, i don't see any related info on the message log.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yes, when it tells you there is a crash dump it asks you to submit it. If you submit it, it uploads a copy to our servers. We can then look it up by your IP and timestamp and see what the crash was.

    I didn't see any reports from the IP you last logged in from, so if you did submit one, just let us know the IP it came from.

    Alternately, in the window that shows up when you view the report, you can copy/paste it into a forum post.

  • Is it possible to upload it manually? I don't see anymore the crash dump link. I usually see it in the Dashboard under System Information after the reboot. Could I found this crash dump on the server? If yes, where is the absolute path and is there any url I could upload it?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The notice on the dashboard is how you submit it. Click the link there, and there is a button to submit it to us.

    You don't need to do anything manually for fetching/uploading the files, just click that when it shows up and press the button to submit. It's all described there on the screen when it happens.

  • Thanks for the reply. I'll wait for it to crash again. Will I be prompt for a email address before I upload it? How will I receive your analysis regarding the crash dump?

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    No, it's just a button you push to upload. There is no whole submission process… just two clicks and it's sent.

    We don't automatically analyze the crash dumps, if you post here with the IP it was submitted from and the time you submitted it, we'll find it in the database and check it out.

  • Thanks Jimp for the instruction!