Gateways Widget on Dashboard - RTT Ping Times?

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    Similar to how you can change the traffic graphs update interval times, is there any way to configure or change the Gateways widget update interval times? Such that I could ping my gateway every N seconds (or milliseconds) as I desire? To take that a step further, is there any way to output the results of the RTT gateway pings to a log file?

    Currently I have heartbeats set up on machines behind the firewall. It's possible (or probable) that I'm a beginner PfSense user and just don't know how to set this up - but if it's not possible on 2.0 could it be possible on 2.1?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The widget doesn't ping the gateways, it only reports the times as kept by apinger. It simply reads the status output from /tmp/apinger.status and formats it for the gui.

    The apinger process controls how often a monitor IP gets pinged, and that is controlled by the settings under System > Gateways.