Connect 10.100.x.0/24 IP to correct LAN via 192.168.x.0/24 LAN interface

  • I have a dual WAN/dual LAN pfSense 2.0.1 setup.  Because of our physical infrastructure,  I have a computer on one LAN that needs to act like its on the other LAN.  I couldn't get routing to work for this, and NATing doesn't seem like an option.  Would VPN work?  Is there a simpler solution?

    For some details, LAN1 uses subnet, and LAN2(DORM) uses subnet.  I want to physically place a PC with IP on the LAN2(DORM) network but act like its on the LAN1 subnet – because it needs to be part of the Microsoft AD domain on the LAN1 network.

    This PC Workstation is remotely located on our school campus, which has several buildings,  and will be traversing existing fiber optic lines between buildings and WiFi backfire antennas.

    Thank you.

  • i'm not going to answer you question, because IF it is possible, it seems a lot of hassle for no apparant reason.

    a computer can be part of an active directory domain while being in a different subnet. It just needs the correct dns info to function correctly (in most cases this being the AD server itself)

  • Thank you, heper, for saving me lots of time.  I corrected some DNS settings for that machine, and things worked as you said.

    You made me realize I have to study Active Directory, more.  Thank you for that, too.