Limiting rsync traffic

  • HI!

    I have an pfSense box (1.2.3-RELEASE) between my LAN and the ADSL (WAN).

    Currently, there's a NAS box that every midnight makes a copy to other NAS box outside the office using rsync protocol. Sometime, it takes a lot of time to make the copy, and makes the normal internet tasks really slow. So, I want to use traffic shaper to give priority to anything except rsync protocol. Any other protocol must give high priority over the rsync task.

    I've tried the wizard but I can't find the rsync protocol and how to give the lowest priority.

    Any idea and recomendation ?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    In most cases rsync would look like ssh traffic, so if you shape/filter ssh it should catch rsync.

    Rsync also supports a –bwlimit=KBPS parameter so you can have the NAS box limit its own backup if you set, say --bwlimit=80 then it would go no higher than 80KByte/s (not that's Bytes, not bits.)