Routing and different subnet

  • i hear that you can't set up captive portal with bridging because it requires an ip address. so i want to put my wifi port on a different subnet and then route it so that wifi clients connecting to the box get a captive portal page.
    this is the set up

    modem > router > pfsense box with ethernet and wifi. the pfsense is not doing NAT and is getting the internet through the ethernet port on the LAN.

  • That will work as you describe. Not really a question there so not sure if that's answering what you're looking for.

  • to route between two subnets I have to set up firewall rules and that's it? i don't have to setup routes?

  • you only need to setup routes when  connecting to subnet's that are on  remote routers.

    so any subnet that is directly attached to pfsense by interface configuration or vip will route automagically. you just add firewall rules

  • got it. i will try it this afternoon. do you have a donate button on the website?

  • i am not getting any ip address from the access point. the dhcp server is my regular router, so i disabled the wan interface on the pfsense box. here are the screenshots. i also disabled automatic nat.

  • more pics

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