NUT package Working With Phasak 1000VA UPS

  • HI
    I just want to share some of my very little knowledge  ;)
    I just manage to Run NUT Packadge and WINNUT with the UPS Phasak 1000va with RS232 cable
    For windows it has WINPOWER program to controle it ,just like all megatec protocol UPS(Mustek,Trust,etc)so it was not hard to find wich config to setup.
    Below are som pics of the settings,status and winnut client .
    The only thing missing in the NUT packadge are shutdown parameters so it can shutdown before the batteries are empty.

  • @rt_rex:

    The only thing missing in the NUT packadge are shutdown parameters so it can shutdown before the batteries are empty.

    I thought the same thing. I previously used APCUPSD on FreeBSD, and that has configurable shutdown. Per the faq ( It shuts down when battery is critical and is not (easily) configurable. Seems to be a philosophical thing with the author:

    Q: Why doesn't upsmon shut down my system?  I pulled the plug and nothing

    A: Wait.  upsmon doesn't consider a UPS to be critical until it's both
        'on battery' and 'low battery' at the same time.  This is by design.
        Nearly every UPS supports the notion of detecting the low battery
        all by itself.  When the voltage drops below a certain point, it
        will let you know about it.

    If your system has a really complicated shutdown procedure, you
        might need to shut down before the UPS raises the low battery flag.
        For most users, however, the default behavior is adequate.

    Ask yourself this: why buy a nice big UPS with the matching battery
        and corresponding runtime and then shutdown early?  If anything, I'd
        rather have a few more minutes running on battery during which the
        power might return.  Once the power's back, it's business as usual
        with no visible interruption in service.

    If you purposely shut down early, you guarantee an interruption in
        service by bringing down the box.

    See upssched.txt for information on how you can shutdown early if
        this is what you really want to do.

  • It´s working 4 me i unpluged the power and wen it reached below 40% (battery) it gave the low battery alarm ,and after it reached the 30% the firewall halted with the message (The operating system has halted.Press any key to reboot)

    My syslog server gave me this :

    -Critical message from: 10.xx.xx.xx
    Hostname: upsmon[33704]:
    Executing automatic power-fail shutdown

    -Notice message from: 10.xx.xx.xx
    Hostname: upsmon[33704]:
    Auto logout and shutdown proceeding

    -Notice message from: 10.xx.xx.xx
    Hostname: shutdown:
    halt by root: