Text shifting (blurry) when mousing over the menus

  • Using the latest build and the one before it:
    2.1-BETA0 (amd64)
    built on Mon Sep 24 17:10:40 EDT 2012

    I am seeing a new text shifting issue when mousing over the menu elements. Text shifts for all menu elements for about one second, then goes back to normal once your mouse becomes stationary.

    Example of text during movement (1st image) and after the mouse becomes stationary (2nd image) are attached below.

    I am using Firefox 16.0. This issue is not happening with IE 9.0 and also was not happening with a build from about 10 days ago.

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    Not happening here on FF 15.0.1, I updated a VM to the latest snapshot, dumped the cache, and checked it again… still nothing wrong.

  • I have tested with Firefox running in safe mode (no addons) and the issue is the same. What I have noticed is that also the live traffic graph text is shifting when the menu text shifts. Is there any weird transparency thing going on when mousing over the menus? I recall there was an issue fixed recently related to the menu transparency.

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    I can't reproduce that here on the latest snap no matter what I do… menus are fine, live graphs are fine on both the Dashboard and under Status > Traffic graph.

    Is there a way you can re-test on FF 15.x to make sure it's not an issue with FF 16?

  • I have just tested with FF 15.0.1 in safe mode and the same thing happens. Is there anything else that might impact the way things are displayed? I have tried with both hardware acceleration enabled and disabled.

    To be clear, I am also noticing a slight variation in text intensity for the whole menu row on top, all menu items and the text on the live graphs, but NO other text on the dashboard. The text on the live graphs reacts when first mousing over an open menu and then goes back to the initial look when the cursor is outside of the menu area.

    I have no idea what is happening and whether there is something on my side that is causing all this. I have just started to notice it today after upgrading, so I assumed it was not present on the older builds.

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    Only thing that comes to mind that sounds like that is ClearType support in the OS (aka sub-pixel rendering)

  • I am running Win7 x64. I have turned off Clear Type and the menu text problem went away, but the text on the live graphs still shifts when I mouse over the menus.

    <edit>After having re-enabled Clear Type and having re-configured all aspects of it, I now have no more problems with the menu items - so this part was on my system.

    However, I am still noticing the text on the live graphs moving around when accessing the menus.

    <edit #2="">Tested with Chromium and there is NO issue. Most likely it is a Firefox issue.

    <edit #3="">As suspected - a Firefox issue. Firefox has blacklisted my current AMD driver:
    With that blacklisted it was using some weird rendering mode. Having rolled back the driver everything seems normal.

    Thanks for the support!</edit></edit></edit>

  • I use Firefox over remote desktop on a Windows Server 2008 R2 VM and I see this happen.  I think it may have started with the changes for the scrollable menus, but I'm not certain.

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    My Win7 x64 laptop and desktop updated to Firefox 16 today and I still see the menus clear, no blurring.

  • For me this didn't start happening with any particular Firefox version.  It happened with whatever Firefox version I had back then and it happens with the current version as well.  It seems to be related to when there are changes to the content of the page, because I do see the effect toggle on 2.0 whenever there is a change in one of the dashboard widgets.  On 2.1, on mouseover I do see a slight change at the right side of the drop-down menus which I presume causes the change in the text appearance and then a moment later the right side changes back, causing the text to go back to normal.  To me that does sound like it could be related to the scrollable menu change.  I'll try reverting it locally and gitsyncing to see if it goes away.

  • use gdipp on windows 7 coz that clear type on windows sucks

  • Confirmed - as I suspected, it did start with the addition of the scrollable menus feature. (merged in commit 731b7a8c0bd8b78892fa0cedaeac0d913e8e1282)  Though it would be nice to have it fixed, it is only a small cosmetic issue and possibly also a minor web gui performance issue in some cases.

  • I don't remember when I last saw this, but the text issue seems to have been fixed with Firefox 17.0.1.  I still see the change on the right side of the dropdown menu graphic as I put the pointer over each item, but the text appearance now stays the same throughout the page.

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