• Hello all,

    I am trying to configure a Load Balancer on a pfSense 2.0 and I stumble across some options in the monitor section that I'm not sure how to use.

    • If the monitor type is http or https I can fill 3 more options:

      Path  and HTTP code -> I assume that path this is the html path to the app that needs to send the selected HTTP code. Like if my server is x.x.x.x and path  is /my-app, pfsense will query for x.x.x.x/my-app and wait to return the selected code. Is that right?
      Host -> I have no idea what should go here and what is its purpose.

    • If the monitor type is send/expect I  can fill 2 more options: Send string and Expect string. Again, I have no clue about what this options do and what should I fill in.

    Could someone provide me with some explanations and use cases?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Path and code are right. The host is the hostname to send - if the server supports vhosts, you may want to check one host specifically, e.g. http://example.com/my-app then example.com would be the host.

    Send/Expect do what it says - it connects to the port, sends the send field, and if the result does not match the expect field, it fails. See the SMTP monitor for an example of that.

  • Thanks for the explanations. All clear now  :).