Mpd bug possible?

  • Hi guys&gals!

    Is it possible that pfsense 2.0.1 has mpd (pppoe) bug with LCP replies?

    ppp: [wan_link0] LCP: no reply to 3 echo request(s)
    ppp: [wan_link0] LCP: no reply to 2 echo request(s)
    ppp: [wan_link0] LCP: no reply to 1 echo request(s)

    After 10 line drops and reconnects. We checked everything on ISP side, error does NOT happen
    with their modem/CPE unit. It just happens on pfsense randomly…

    ANy idea, is there maybe updated mpd available for 2.0.1 ?


  • Huh I raised timeouts so that it comes to 20 LCP replies in 3 minutes but still
    it disconnects link. The it reconnects just fine…
    What can be causing this behaviour?


  • Every time I've troubleshooted that exact issue, there truly wasn't any LCP response, it was an ISP issue. tcpdump on the parent NIC of the PPPoE can confirm or deny that.

  • Hi!

    OK I went to: Diagnostics: Packet Capture
    and start to capture my gateway IP. In log now I have ping echo request and ping echo reply every second.
    So I should monitor this and when link disconnected I stop to capture and see if there is a gap in log file.



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