IPSec VPN Using PFSense - Mobile Clients

  • Hi I would like someone to really help me on this, my scenario is like this;

    I have 2 Pfsense Routers running on my network.

    Pfsense1 -
    Pfsense2 - - (public)

    Both the routers have a different WAN - ISP Provider. I am trying to set up a VPN over IPSEC connection to only one of the routers which is Pfsense2 - I followed some online tutorials and successfully managed to bring up a tunnel between an external machine and my pfsense router but there is no traffic as in I cannot connect to my network at home to access RDP etc… Can anyone be kind enough to help me on this I've tried every thing, also I have the firewall rule to allow any to any on the IPSec interface, I have set a

    Virtual Address Pool
    Provide a virtual IP address to clients
    Network: /24

    Unticked the option - Network List Provide a list of accessible networks to clients

    Phase 2 - Local subnet set to none.

    I am including screen shots of the setuphttp://www.pixhost.org/show/3739/14253332_capture.jpg


    Help will be much appreciated and Im even willing to donate to whom helps me. Thanks

  • Hi

    You need to set the phase2 "Local Network" to the "Lan Subnet" option, and also - leave the tickbox for "Network List  Provide a list of accessible networks to clients" ticked - unless you want ALL traffic from the mobile client to be sent over the tunnel.



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