PfSense 2.0 Traffic Shaper with Trixbox - Need basic help

  • I've got a pfsense 2.0 installation on a 22M down 5M up Internet Connection. I want to prioritize about 10 simultaneous calls on a Trixbox CE installation. I want VOIP to always take top priority. I've looked at dozens of other posts and they are ALL well above my head. Can someone review this and, of appropriate, make corrections?

    It has been recommended that I also:
    Prioritize quality on ports 10000-20000 UDP.
    Don't know how to do this.

    My Trixbox server is at (in case that matters). I have a few remote phones, but they are not critical at this point.

    In the shaper wizard I selected Single Lan Multi Wan, entered 1 Wan.
    Download scheduler: HFSC (no idea what this is)
    Interface: WAN
    Upload Scheduler: HFSC
    Connection upload: 5 Mbit/s
    Connection download: 22 Mbits/s
    Prioritize Voice over IP traffic: Checked
    Provider: Voicepulse (although I actually have two providers, Viocepulse and Vitelity)
    Address: Empty (should I put ?)
    Wan #1 Upload: 160 Kbit/s  – Is this right for 10 calls?
    Lan Download: 160 Kbit/s
    Rest of the screens are at default.

    Based on the documentation here.

    I then went into the Traffic Shaper "By Interface" tab, clicked LAN
    Changed Scheduler Type to PRIQ
    Bandwidth: 5 Mbit/s

    I have fundamentally no idea what I'm doing here. I appreciate any help I can get.

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