2.1 nanobsd vga 2G amd64 auto upgrade fails

  • I'm currently using 2.1-BETA0 (amd64)  nanobsd (2g) built on Tue Sep 25 12:35:47 EDT 2012  FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p4,
    and have been using previous 2.1 beta releases. The automatic update however fails for every version I have tested with the following message:

    Sep 27 07:23:26 hostname php: : New alert found: Upgrade failed due to the upgrade image being larger than the partition that is configured on disk.  Halting. Size on disk: 921 < Size of new image: 923

    After I download new images, I usually mount the image, make changes to /boot/loader.conf.local and /conf/config.xml and  purge the wizard file.  Thereafter dd it to the sd card.

    Cheers / Thor

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Sounds like the error we used to get when trying to move slices between USB and CF or similar… I think it was specific to certain USB sticks. For some reason they underreported their partition/slice sizes, so the sanity check failed.

    That should have been fixed even before 2.0 shipped...

    Not sure why you'd still be hitting that now, since the size isn't that far apart.

  • I'm using an Dell R710 Server, I'm quite sure that the internal sdcard slot in the server is connected via usb, like the DVD.

    I usually dd the image to the sdcard with usb card reader from my linux box.

    cheers / Thor

  • As a workaround Im using 1G image for 2G cards. The 1G image also works for my 1G cards. But the 2G image cannot auto upgrade on the 2G card.

    In both cases Im using a Kingston SD Card

    2G DP/N 0738M1
    1G DP/N 0RX790

    cheers - Thor

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