API to create schedule on demand

  • Hey guys, I'm sorry because I didn't do a lot of research about this before asking the question. But I figure that if somebody already have the answer I could find a solution quickly and implement it.

    I have a portal that I want the user to login then once they are login I automatically, would like to send a command to pfsense to create a Firewall: Schedules.

    This currently is all available within pfsense, I can just navigate to the Firewall: Schedules and create the schedule manually.

    But I have no clue if it is possible to programmatically just call an API which can receive all the parameter required for the schedule and automatically save.

    I think that I would create schedule a head of time, and then just programmatically do update to these schedule.

    Basically if I could call to the save button in this page: firewall_schedule_edit.php?id=0
    And provide all the value that the save needs to save a schedule that would be great.

    Any one can help me with that?

  • You will need to learn how pfsense and it's XML works.

    A php that receives a schedule and update/save on pfsense is not that hard and on my opinion the easiest way to do this.

    The portal is on the same pfsense?

  • The portal is actually PFsense, after anlyzing the function provided by the portal, it will be better to use that, with a radius server it will authenticate with another system ever X minutes, so this will help control the access to the portal for a specific period of time.


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