Extra blank OpenVPN Server added

  • 2.1-BETA0 (i386)
    built on Mon Sep 24 16:42:11 EDT 2012
    FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p4

    and also updated to

    2.1-BETA0 (i386)
    built on Thu Sep 27 13:07:59 EDT 2012
    FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p4

    When adding an OpenVPN server, an extra blank OpenVPN server row is also added straight above the new server entry.
    On 24 Sep snapshot I can't delete it. Code is in the 27 Sep snapshot to let these get deleted from the GUI.
    config.xml is like:


    A couple of lines were added to vpn_openvpn_server.php on 22 Sep 2012:

    	if ($pconfig['dev_mode'] <> $a_server[$id]['dev_mode'])
    openvpn_delete('server', $a_server[$id]);// delete(rename) interface so a new TUN or TAP interface can be created.

    If I comment these out, the problem goes away. If I put them back, the problem comes back.

  • JimP has reverted the 22 Sep change for now. So the problem should go away in the next snapshot.

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