• i hope this i the correct forum for this question.

    prior to having pfsense i used a linksys router with flash ddwrt firmware.  flat network, no vlans.  my comcast cable modem (gateway/standalone/not all in one) internet port connected directly to the WAN port of the ddwrt router and my network devices connected to the LAN ports or to a switch that was connected to a LAN port.  LAN network was /24 and everything worked fine.  with the setup, as described above, i was able to login to my comcast device and check out diagnostic information using ip from any network device with a /24 address.

    after my upgrade to pfsense (which i am very happy with) i am no longer able to hit to see the comcast stats page.

    my pfsense has a LAN address of /24 and two vlans.  the vlans networks are /24 and /24.  currently, i am connected to the regular LAN getting a 192.168.1.xxx address.  do i need to setup special routing to be able to hit the device?

    i dont know if it is a good or bad thing that i was able to do this with the ddwrt hardware.  it is probably a good thing, i would rather have to have this be something that needs to be setup vs something that is wide open by default.

    thanks and please ask any questions if i didn't elaborate enough.

  • In addition to the standard, my Comcast modem (a Zoom 5431J) also has a public IP address on the management interface that is reachable from the LAN on m0n0wall. Does your modem have such an address and if so have you tried it?

    Also, you might try the suggestion here:


    However, ignore the information regarding the PPPoE as it is not applicable to Comcast cable which is DHCP on the WAN.

  • not sure if it is accessible via the public ip, but i am sure it must be (if not for me, def. for comcast).

    however, i have never had to go that far since always worked.

    thanks for the link, reading now.