Cannot Play Youtube Videos Using Squid Proxy

  • Hi,

    I have configured squid proxy, & for content filtering i am using squidguard, i have added in whitelist, i can access, cannot play any videos of i can see request in access.log its showing TCP_DENIED error in access.log but i cannot see anything in cache.log. i dont want to cache youtube, but i cannot play any videos of youtube using squid proxy configured in browser. this is my squid.conf file Please guide me how to debug & solve this issue.

  • probably "" is not enough for watching the videos. There are probably otgher servers which offer the content/videos. Check the access.log of squid when access the web site and watching videos. Then add these URLs to your whitelist.

  • Hi,

    First of all thanks for your replies, my problem is solved, it was following two lines in config

    request_body_max_size 20 KB
    reply_body_max_size 51200 deny all

    i changed this two lines & now youtube is working correctly.

    Thank You.

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