Captive Portal + Traffic Shaping + Web Filtering + Active DIrectory

  • Hi to all,
    I currently use a system with PFSense as main router which plays roles: Transparent Proxy, Firewall (with rules based on time) and captive portal.

    Meet new needs, I would like to allow authentication via Active Directory (which is already run under Win2k8 R2) captive portal and also allow for bandwidth allocation and websites authorized to specific users groups in depending on the time and days.

    I just tried with Squid and Squidguard integrated PFSense, but suddenly the user is required to authenticate 3 times:
    -1 Times at session opening on the computer

    • 1 again when start browsing via captive portail
    • 1 three times to Squid + Squidguard because I enabled content filtering function based on groups AD. (which is still not 100% functional, but I guess that's manageable)

    By coupling to this installation Dansguardian, I is not had more success!

    I would like to know if someone already made ​​a similar config because I want to overcome all its various authentication and allow the user authenticates only once per session. because everything is the same Active Directory database is used.

    I use PFsense Ver 2.0.1 and all my desktops are already connected to the domain controller.

    Thanks you for your advice