• i read some other threads related to this but something seems wrong causing it not to work

    my current assignment
    LAN -> vr0
    WLAN -> ath0
    WAN -> pppoe(vr1)

    now LAN and WLAN r bridged and DHCP enabled on LAN and wired and wireless clients r able to talk to each other, get ip address and able to surf the internet, now i tried to enable captive portal but it says it cant get assigned to bridged interfaces such as lan and wlan so i created a new virtual interface called OPT1 and assigned the bridge interface to it and assigned a static ip to it and then configured captive portal to it but now non of the wired or wireless clients r still getting the captive portal login page

    other advanced settings r
    net.link.bridge.pfil_member 1
    net.link.bridge.pfil_bridge 0

  • basically i need the lan and wlan be bridged and lan give out ip using dhcp but be able to use captive portal on the same so the wired as well as wireless clients get captive portal page without me having to enable dhcp on anything else other than lan

    alos bring to notice i got a error when assigning bridge port to opt1 causing the save button to disappear but it still add the itnerface etc