Pfsense with guest AP

  • Hi,

    I have a pfsense box which is connected to a managable switch.
    Now I want to add a guest AP on my dd-wrt router where already running a private AP on. The dd-wrt accepts 2 AP's but how can I make the guest ap on the DMZ part of pfsense?

    Any tutorials about this topic?

  • Netgate Administrator

    In what way do you mean 'part of pfSense'?


  • @RpR:

    how can I make the guest ap on the DMZ part of pfsense?

    Perhaps RpR means "the DMZ interface of pfSense".

    Assuming I have guessed correctly, it is difficult for me to give a conclusive answer because I don't know enough about your particular configuration and the capabilities of ddwrt on your particular box.

    One possibility might be to configure ddwrt with the two APs on different VLANs, connect a ddwrt wired interface to a pfSense wired interface, bridge the AP VLANs to the ddwrt wired interface to pfSense and create two VLAN interfaces on the pfSense wired interface.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Indeed. I read that as:


    how can I make (the guest ap on the DMZ) part of pfsense?

    Upon rereading that now seems unlikely.  ::)

    I would also suggest vlans if you need the access points to appear on different interfaces. I wouldn't expect it to be that easy though.


  • Problem is that the AP just has 1 lan port and I know you can do vlan tagging but can't to figure it out.
    So I hoped someone already had done this kind of install.

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