Why does creating interface take such a long time?

  • Hi everyone,

    The new pfSense 2.0x is a bit slower when it comes to GUI functionality VS version 1.2.3. That's probably all right given the new features added (but still not a good thing). However, adding interfaces take a really really really long time. There should be a way around this to make creating interfaces, enabling them, etc…much faster.

    USB Interfaces are EVEN slower.

    Any thoughts?


  • I haven't noticed any slowdown in adding interfaces, but then, even though I have used many different pfSense builds it is months since I added a new interface.

    What sort of interfaces are you adding? Maybe the slowdown is specific to (say) PPP interfaces. How many? Maybe creating a new VLAN gets noticeably slower when you have a few hundred. How frequently? Maybe you don't really need to be adding new interfaces every day. Maybe there is a more effective way to do what you want to do.

    What system are you running on? Maybe if you have a few busy VPNs on an Alix system the GUI gets slow because you really should have a faster CPU (and maybe the packages need more memory).

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    Actually in many configurations, pfSense 2.0.x is much faster than 1.2.3 with interfaces. Especially with large numbers of VLANs.

    There are quite a few factors that can go into it though. It really depends on the specific action you're taking that you believe feels slow.

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