[Solved]Dansguardian installed but doens't filter

  • I have an pfsense machine installed with squid (for throttling) & lightsquid & dansguardian.

    But the last package ( dansguardian ) is up and running, but doens't filter the "adult" sites.  Actually, it doens't filter any site!
    The naughtyness in the "default group" (under groups) is set to 50.
    Enable dansguardian is checked :-)

    I've read this topic: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=47856.0

    What did I miss?

  • could you post your DG and squid configuration here?
    are you using transparent or non-transparent mode?

    here is what I do for transparent mode -
    create a nat rule that forwards all http traffic to port 8080 at (dansguardian port)
    dansguardian is set to listen on loopback, and proxy is configured all the way down in the GUI at port 3128
    squid is set to listen to loopback at 3128,

  • Also check all config tabs and assign a blacklist to use.

  • Thx for the replies.
    It is set to transparent.

    I wil test these things tonight.

  • Ok, fixed.
    Thanks to the replies above!

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