Help with Configuring Single Wan/Single Lan - Traffic Shaping rules

  • Hi There,  :)

    Have been looking at the forums and traffic shaper guide for hours and struggling to work out how to configure my pfsense box.

    I have built my pfsense system for the kids - all their computers and devices plug into it and it runs squid transparent proxy, have set dhcp only to allow specific mac addresses, and it runs squid guard.

    my voip pbx and parents computers are not connected to the pf sense box. These devices , plus the pfsense box, connect to a DSL-2750B router. (pfsense WAN is DHCP from the DSL-2750B)

    Anyway, I want to set the PFsense box to be limited to a certain upload and download bandwidth for the entire pfsense system. Now does that mean i have to assign the rules to the PFsensebox's WAN or is it's LAN?

    I want all users on the pfsense box to (collectively) have:
    1 -no more than 500kilobytes/second as DOWNLOAD SPEED and
    2- no more than 40kilobytes/second as UPLOAD SPEED

    (from the point of view of the users on the pfsense box)

    (Reason why  - as an example  - my son has bit torrent open and it is sucking 1000kb/s and uploading 100kb/s which screws up our VOIP.)

    Is this basic to do or is there issues with me running squid proxy?

    Some advice on what Traffic Rules I need to perform would be so much appreciated..thanks  ::)

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