• I've attempted to follow the guide for the most recent snapshot in regards to load balancing but I'm having trouble making the guide work with my settings (I just cant wrap my head around it for some reason).

    Scope of what I require

    I have 2 connections wan and opt1 both functioning 100%, the reason for the load balance is there are 2 primary download sources I use which are ftp and torrent.  I understand all ftp traffic defaults to wan so I need all torrent traffic to use opt1.  There is only 1 client on the network requiring torrent usage so it is an option to have "pass all" to that computer.

    Where I get lost on the guide is configuring firewall rules for my specific connections under the lan tab

    Given the numbers below how would I configure the required rules under the lan tab.

    Wan Interface (fxp1)

    IP xx.145.xx.50
    Subnet Mask
    Gateway xx.145.xx.1

    Opt1 Interface (fxp2)

    IP xx.145.xx.189
    Subnet Mask
    Gateway xx.145.xx.1

    After the above configuration is complete i'd like to configure a "pass all" rule to 192.168.x.125, I would like to do this because I know torrents are odd little buggers in regards to what ports they use.  Having said that if anyone has torrents functioning without problems not doing that I'd be open to ideas.

    Please guys! I could really use some help



  • If you want to send all your traffic from 192.168.x.125 to opt1 then setup a firewall rule with interface: LAN, source ip  192.168.x.125 and gateway opt1.

    This is known as policy based routing.

    The next step is to get all your torrent stuff allowed in. That would require rules on the OPT1 interface.  Take a look at the NAT section of this forum for help on that.