Radius Throttelling on Captive Portal

  • Hi everyone !

    (sorry for poor English)

    Im looking for help regarding bandwidth throttle on clients connected to the captive portal and authenticated by a freeradius server.

    What we tried:

    1/ Enable "per User Bandw.. restriction"

    • Specify rates

    It works
    But : We want dynamic throtlling
    And : It seems to cause an issue, if the radius account has already a limiting rate in itself.

    No data exchange for the client in this case.

    2/  Enable "per user Bandw …"

    • No rates specified

    It doesnt work
    On accounts with radius specified limit rate, and on radius accounts with unlimited rate..


    So I have no solution, to limit bandwidth with radius

    Only everyone limiting through captive portal conf

    thats bad. :)
    How can we throttle non paying clients to 128K ?  :))


    I assume, we missed something,
    so thank you in advance for helping me

    Best regards

    Ps: Here running PF 2

  • Hi,

    did this help you?
    Are you using the freeradius2 package or another RADIUS server ?

  • HI nachtfalke !

    thanks for replying me..

    I will look your link, some infos are interesting inside, to adjust our conf.

    but I forget to mention :

    Our freeradius (v2) is outside the pfsense box

    (outside … our WANS)

    When an access accept is sent, i can see the into the freeradius log the bw limit  (over radiusd -X command)

    if I understand,

    We have to put "Enable per user bw limit"  and then leave the values empty or to zéro ?

    this doesnt work

    Login completes, but then no traffic is allowed through the pf CP


  • Is your RADIUS sending the correct attributes:


    These attributes are Reply-attributes and must to be sent from RADIUS to CP.

    As far as I know it works this way:
    If you put any value on CP page then CP will use this value UNTIL there is another value sent from RADIUS.

  • HI thank you again for replying me :)

    so did I unterstood it too.

    would you know where I can check this into freeradius?

    Best regards

  • @Bonline:

    HI thank you again for replying me :)

    so did I unterstood it too.

    would you know where I can check this into freeradius?

    Best regards

    That depends on where you store the users. If you store them in the "users" file in ../raddb/ folder then it would look like this:

    "Testuser" Cleartext-Password := "testpassword"
    	WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up := 524288,
    	WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down := 2097152

    If you store it in a MySQL database - I do not use any database - this would be probably stored in any "radreply" table.

    If you are running freeradius in debug mode "radiusd -X" then you can check this if a user connects then the radius server must answer with the two attributes from above. If the server does not send these attributes you must configure your freeradius server.

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