Bandwidth problem

  • hi

    i have installed pf sense 2.1 .and i have 8 mbps line which is  connected to the pfsense server. when i do a speed test iam getting around 2.7 mbps of download speed. but when i connect the that same line directly through the modem to my laptop i am getting speed of 7.5 mbps. wt must be the problem

  • Netgate Administrator

    What hardware are you using? Which install type?
    In another thread you asked about traffic snapping, did you ever try this?
    Lastly check your NICs for and duplex/speed mismatches.


  • hi Thank u very for your voluble

    my hardware details is  i3 processor and 4 gb ram  gigabyte network card's

    and there is no traffic shaper rules. i  deleted all rules in traffic shaper

    even then same bandwidth  with iam getting.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Your hardware is clearly easily capable. I would be suspicious of the traffic shaper since you previously set a 2Mb limit.
    Otherwise check the speed/duplex detection.


  • Yeah, I'd agree – be sure you check/remove your traffic shaper queues (not just the rules) as well.

    I have a 40Mbit down / 4 MBit up pipe and my traffic shaper queues (which were only in place to prioritize certain types of traffic) reduced me to 28 Mbit down and 0.75 Mbit up (I obviously had something configured wrong).

  • Ryand833: you must. I have a 50/10 and a 120/120 both with shaping and my CPU load is low and I frequently hit those maximums (quite easily in fact).

    kishore: you also might need to check the MTU. you might need to lower it to 1492 or lower. Also, since you had the shaper on there, you might want to reboot. personally, I would start from a fresh install just to be sure.

  • @kishore:


    Did you check the cables, switches, and other external stuff such as routers, repeaters etc? Maybe something is running in half duplex or a swith has limitations, uses 10Mb or is overloaded etc? I would look outside your firewall first since your hardware is clearly capable. Also If you are using old network cards or brands such as realtek (not Intel) you may want to check that these work correctly and that you have a good and working driver.
    Some network cards use other manufacturers circuits (typically realtek) and may have problems, I am not saying that no other NICs than Intel work or work good (they do!) but I have ran into wierd problems a couple of times when the cards did not "work" properly. There are some threats about some of these issues I believe. If you can, try to replace a card for an Intel card (the cheapest desktop pci-cards for example, these work good and have a long life time) and see if the problem is still there. Sometimes you need to fiddle with the drivers and parameters. Did you google the card name?


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