Bandwidthd - where to write on nanobsd

  • I fixed up some issues with the passing of bandwidthd.conf parameters from the GUI to config.xml to make bandwidthd.conf - Now bandwidthd starts up nicely with whatever parameters are specified on the GUI.
    But on 2.1-BETA0 bandwidthd writes its data files to /usr/pbi/bandwidthd-i386/bandwidthd/htdocs and /usr/local/www/bandwidthd is a link to that htdocs directory. On nanobsd the htdocs dir is on a read-only filesystem, so I get messages that it cannot write to the htdocs dir, and of course I get no data/graphs.

    1. I had another pfSense system running 1.2.3 (an old install, not mine, so I was not familiar with it). Apparently it ran bandwidthd OK. We upgraded it to 2.0.1 and then immediately to 2.1-BETA0. Now bandwidthd won't run, for the reasons above. I can't see how bandwidthd could have run on 1.2.3 either - did 1.2.3 have the CF card filesystems mounted read-write?
    2. Where should I put the htdocs dir? In a dir called /var/bandwidthd/htdocs?
    3. Should I add code to save htdocs somewhere on shutdown and restore it at boot time? Or do we just start from scratch again each boot?\
    4. Should I move htdocs on all platforms, or leave it where it is on non-nanobsd platforms?\

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