PFSense 2.01 NAT issues

  • Hi @ll

    Need a hint with NAT, I am testing my new 2.01 installation and here NAT rules too. I have created NAT
    2 rules for testing, one for VNC and one for FTP but they do not work.

    The rule is as follows (example) :
      IF            Proto    Src.Addr.  Src.Ports    Dest.Adress    Dest.Ports    NAT IP      NAT Ports
    WAN            TCP        Any      5900 (VNC)  LAN Adress      5900 (VNC)    5900 (VNC)

    I have made sure that the client uses Port 5900 and the server is listening on the same port, next
    to this I have made sure VNC is not blocked by the XP Firewall

    And now : If I check the logs I see the source IP incoming with Ports 3492 or whatever else which is
    being blocked of course.

    Note : I am trying from behind a the old Ipcop box running a squid proxy I would like to dismiss and
    replace with Pfsense.
    But in order to do so I need to have NAT running properly.

    Any hints ?

    Thank you in advance


  • Remove your source port and try again. There is only handful of programs which use very specific source port

  • I did but no joy, PFSense still blocking. Also consulted the Port forwward troubleshooting guide but it did not
    help me. Any other hint ?

  • It works, that was my mistake as I failed to set the WAN Adress as destination. Once corrected it works. Thank you very much

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