Fake dual WAN and multiple LANs?

  • Hello guys, hoping someone can help me with this fairly quickly.

    I two servers colocated at a facility.  One is set up as an ESXi server, the other is a pfsense router box for the ESXi server.  I have had need to get additional IPs from my colocation provider, and the new IPs are on a different subnet with a different gateway and such.

    I've been trying to figure out for the last couple of hours how to configure pfsense to handle this.  I've created a virtual LAN for a second internal subnet, and that partially seems to work.  I say partially because DHCP fails to work on it, however if I set a virtual server to an IP and Gateway in that vlans subnet, then I can ping outside web address by IP.  I however cannot ping by domain name, and cannot ping the gateway to the vlan.

    I have the main non virtual LAN set to with 1.10 - 1.245 as the dhcp address range.
    I have the internal vlan set to with 2.10 - 2.245 as the dhcp address range.  I named it LAN2

    I set up another virtual lan as a WAN2 with one of my new IPs and setting the gateway to the new gateway.  Then I tried creating a virtual IP for the 2nd new gateway and using NAT to send a port to the internal server on LAN2, with WAN2 as the interface.  This doesn't work however.

    I'm sure I'm setting this up completely wrong, but I can't figure out the proper way to do it while maintaining a firewall protection through pfsense on the new IPs.


  • I am have the same issue. We have 2 ESXi hosts and 2 Comcast Business lines, with 2 separate subnets, and gateways.

    As of now, we have two servers running pfsense and seem to work. We are in need to removing one of the servers.
    Essentially, what we need is 2 Physical WAN interfaces (Which we have), and 1 LAN with an additional Virtual gateway.

    I have spent hours trying to configure pfSense to do just this.

  • Really need a network diagram to understand what you have and what you're trying to do.

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