Outlook disconnected and connected from Exchange

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    I'm new at this forum and I just finished two installations of pfsense in a couple of computers at the school that I work for. We have some vlans behind a cisco router and because of some requirements, I decided to install 2 separate instances of pfsense in two differnt computers to protect 2 different vlans.

    The first installation was just fine, I just installed the software, activated services such captive portal, squid, and squidguard. Our Exchange server is on the same vlan and there is no problem at all.
    In the other hand, I installed another computer on a different vlan, with the same: squid, squidguard, captive portal…

    When I tried to connect my clients of this vlan through the pfsense to their Exchange accounts, outlook recognizes the mail server, but once the account is configured, it starts connecting and disconnecting every minute. When a change the client settings to use the default router that is not pfsense, everything works fine.

    Is someone out there having a similar issue?

    By the way, there are no restrictions or security between vlans and pfsense itself is capable to keep "ping" to the exchange server with no interruptions. I tried 2 different computers, cables, different switch ports, the traffic graphs are fine...  (???)

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

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