Public ip on LAN NATed network? is it possible?

  • how to reroute public ip's
    1. to lan network or
    2. to the other network for ex. DMZ.

    I would like to know if it is enough to create static route in case 2 (I think it should be that simple).
    but I'm not sure how to do this in case 1  when I do NAT for some devices and do not want to NAT other devices (all devices ale placed in the same physical segment)

  • Yes you can created a routed network with the help of your ISP. What you will want is 2 separate public IP ranges. The smaller one can be a /30 or a /29 and you will route your bigger /24 or /25 or whatever to that smaller IP range. Or you can create a DMZ/WAN bridge. routed is slightly faster and uses less resources. bridge uses less IPs.

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