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  • Hello everyone

    Forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question but i would like to setup DNS securely on my PFsense box. I basically have a pfsense box bridging a adsl modem . On the Lan side i have hosts that just browse the internet ie i386 boxes/androids/ipads via http/s. All settings are by default on my pf box excluding snort installation.

    Originally i enabled the firewall on Pf sense box as so

    Lan Tab

    Webconfigurator rule
    pass proto: tcp/udp source: Lan Net port:any destination:any port:53
    pass proto:tcp/udp  source: Lan Net port:and destination:any port: 443
    pass proto:tcp/udp  source: Lan Net port:any destination:any port:80

    Wan Tab

    block proto:any  source: rfc 1918 networks port:any destination :any port: any
    block proto:any  source: reserved/not assigned by iana port:any destination:any portany
    block proto:any  source: any port:any destination:any port:any

    Is there a more secure way of doing this? as so to only allow DNS requests out bound from the hosts? as opposed to just creating rules that let information on the ports that DNS and http/s protocols use?

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    For starters why do you think you lan clients need to go outbound on dns?  Don't they ask pfsense for dns?  This is the default setup.  You don't need that dst any rule for 53 there.  lan clients just need to be able to talk to pfsense for dns.  Then pfsense goes and asks your isp dns, or what you setup up for it to go ask.  This is the dns forwarder service (dnsmasq)

    Your not allowing any unsolicited inbound traffic, and you only let your clients out on http/s ???  That is kind of bare freaking min to allow them to use the web.  And for sure is not going to allow them to do much else - for example they could not send email from a client that uses say tls or just plain direct smtp since those ports are not open.

    They can not ftp or ssh outbound..  Not exactly what you want to lock down more?  You could have them go through a proxy to gain access if want.

  • pass proto: tcp/udp source: Lan Net port:any destination:any port:53
    pass proto:tcp/udp  source: Lan Net port:and destination:any port: 443

    With out the above rules disabled pages will not resolve on any of the ipads :( When i block these rules and use darkstat to monitor the ipads ip addresses i see them trying to access wan side destination ips on port 443?

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    Well yeah - lots of clients are going to access outside addresses on 443, that is SSL port - kind of need that to access any secured site on the internet. for example.  Lots of apps use 443 to talk to their servers to get info, updates, etc.

    Your going to have to allow 443 for general internet use.  But you don't need to allow Any on 53 - since all clients on your network should be asking your pfsense box for dns.  This is default configuration.

    So you limit 53 to only your pfsense lan address, and you can change your 443 rule to tcp only - I know of NO standard internet applications that use udp 443.  And you need a rule to allow tcp 80 to any as well for normal just plain jane internet access.

  • Hi JohnPoz , everyone. Thanks for your help so far. When i delete the the port 53 outbound rule i cannot resolve hosts even though i have got "Enable Dns Forwarder" ticked under Services -> "Dns Forwarder". Under "System"->"General Setup" i have correct servers listed in "DNS Server"

    Can anyone help?

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    you have to allow 53 to your pfsense lan IP for clients to be able to talk to pfsense for dns..

    Default rule allows all outbound traffic, if your going to restrict it - then you have to allow for atleast your clients to talk to pfsense on its IP on tcp/udp 53 so they can ask its dns forwarder to go lookup for example

    Then the client will go to on tcp 80 or 443 which you allow any on.

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