Ftp ul and dropbox ul is 20/11KB/s max

  • I changed adsl from 2/256 to 4/384.
    I expected 50% higer ul so i changed my traffic shaping numbers manually.
    But I was geting same speed for ftp (20 max) and dropbox is still 11 max.
    I erased traffic shaping and did new through wizard and saw that old numbers r there.
    Than I removed shaper, still same results.
    I had never problem like this i had pf from my adsl starts (i changed 3 isp).

  • def. something is sc…d with my pfsense 2.x box
    i disabled pfsense and ul is normal with ftp/dropbox !

    update: after few min. playing with ppoe settings it stopped dialing and it crashed with dump. i restore my backup and internet is back but slow ul is back.

  • i had similar problem (same config):


    when i replaced pf box with classic router, problem is gone!
    when i bring back router in bridge mode i have throttling per connection below 20KB/s (example ftp ul max 20KB/s, dropbox max 11, web server max 14)

    is this bug of pf or compatibility problem between dlink 2640r internal ppoe and pf 2.x ppoe ?!

  • i put again modem in bridge mode and add mikrotik.
    so far it works. upload is on maximum.
    i guess that pf has problem with mtu and packets (change tcp mss packets)?

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