PFsense & HP T5710 Thin Client

  • Hello Pfsenser's

    i got my hands on a HP T5710 Thin Client, (800Mhz, 256mb Ram, 512mb Flash (dom Module in 44pin ide slot)

    i wanted to intall pfsense on it, so i downloaded the USB Memstick image, en put this with image writing software to 8GB usb stick,

    thin clienent booted and gave me an error. it said it was unable to determain from wich device it was booting. quessed was device 0xffff from bios

    end then the boot process halted. so i tought, ill go with a ubunut live stick, and dd the nanobsdvga image into the flash disk.
    i also cant boot this because the cpu doesn't support PAE, i allready figuerd out that i need a 486 kernel whit no PAE support.

    i dont know any more ways to install pfsense. what should i do

  • Well guy's, i fixed it.

    after trying several usb sticks from various brands and sizes, i took my 2.5" sata usb drive, and made a seperate partition on it.
    wrote the stick image on it, and it's installing as we speek

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