Combining multiple ADSL lines for bigger upload?

  • Hey guys, i am almost sure this isnt possible, but it cant hurt to ask for assistence.

    I have 2 ADSL lines (10mb/512kb).. Unfortunately they only give me that small amount of upload.. what i want to know is, is it somehow possible that i configure pfsense and a managed switch (vlans maybe) to use 1 of the links for download and the other for upload?  hence giving me 10mb/10mb ?

    I know i can combine them to get 1mb upload, but i really need about 3mb..

    Thanks in advance

  • The "A" in "ADSL" is for asymmetric. It is designed to have much higher bandwidth one direction than the other.

    You should talk with your ISP about the possibilities. Their equipment MIGHT be capable of supporting HIGH upload speeds with LOW download speeds instead of the more normal LOW upload speeds with HIGH download speeds. Your ADSL modem will need to be compatible. All this is outside the scope of pfSense.

    I suspect that in the general case it would be difficult to get optimum use out of two such ADSL services without a single "modem" handling both links.

    There are symmetric DSL services, usually marketed at businesses and with "business" prices.

  • Simple answer:  No, you can't "reverse the flow."

  • Is there possibility to use sdsl instead? S stands for symmetric

  • Thanks guys! basically the answers i was expecting.

    In short, in this circumstance i can't do much more than use these 2 ADSL lines, anc the ISP wont do anything for me as far as helping with a better upload speed.

    I have a 20mb/20mb fiber link currently, which due to costs i have to switch out to another link that i have organised but will take a month maybe two to be available.. Currently i my users are on average using around 8mb down and 2.4mb up daily.  I just need to make these two ADSL lines the main link for the time between the changing of links, so hopefully just 1-2 months. (im in Brazil, nothing happens fast)

  • If you could get your ISP to do MLPPP for you then you could bond 4 dsl lines and get your 3mbps up.

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