Atom D525 is good for home vpn services?

  • Hi,

    is the intel D525 good for vpn home use?



  • Depends required bandwidth with vpn. But i could almost say yes it is.

  • Supposedly a D525 should be able to push ~50Mb of VPN traffic, so as long as it's not doing a whole bunch of something else most home level internet connections should be your bottleneck as compared to the CPU.

    Although, if you're worried about it, do something a bit bigger.  The main thing an Atom is going to gain you is power savings (well, possibly noise since you can often run a smaller/slower/quieter fan due to less heat output.)  You often can get a faster CPU for the same or less cost.

  • Depends on how fast your Internet connection is and how much you expect to be able to get across VPN. In general, an Atom is usually capable of pushing more VPN traffic than the average person has bandwidth at home. If you're one of the very few who has 100+ Mbps of Internet, then maybe not, but most always you're going to be limited in that case by the bandwidth where ever you're connecting from.

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