Local Transparent + WAN Authenticated Squid Proxy possible

  • Hey guys,
    I have been using PfSense for about a year now and have loved it for all the different uses I have for it.

    I can setup a transparent squid proxy easily with the squid package, and everything works just fine with no setup on the client side. I can also make it not transparent, poke an opening in my firewall, and add local (password) authentication to squid so I can use my squid proxy from other countries by setting my proxy in chrome. (this allowed my girlfriend to use google voice free calling when she was in japan)

    But I was wondering if there was any combination of settings I could do so I have both local (LAN) transparent cache without any configuration / passwords, and also local (password) authentication for WAN users?

    Thanks for the help! If I can't get this working I still have another method to fulfill both goals, but it'd be nice to do it all in one squid instance.

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