• Hi guys, i have a Router Firewall m0n0wall with 3 ethernet ports.

    I already enabled the interfaces for every ethernet port that i need.

    vr0 has
    vr1 has
    vr2 has

    i don't need a firewall rules so i did this

    for vr0 source : any    –---    destination:  any
        vr1 source  :any    -----    destination: any
        vr2 source :  any    ------  destination: any

    In system tab/routing i have this gateway,
    because i need a static route: -> 
    i called "aduana" with gateway

    i made the static route as follow:

    destination network:
    gateway: "aduana - "
    description : "aduana"

    If i make a ping on the web interface "pfsense" i reach every single Host with any interface (vr0,vr1,vr2)
    but if i give an IP to other devices (netbook) with firewall unable and antivirus also unable and i'm on the right subnet, mask and gateway i can't reach EVEN their own interface on the pfsense,

    Excuse me for my grammar, this is not my mother language.

    I hope than someone could help me giving me some tip or instruction.

    Thank you so much and have a nice day !

  • If you are using m0n0wall and not pfsense, then the best place is to ask on m0n0wall forums and mailing lists. While pfSense was based on m0n0wall, the user interface and feature set has changed. We could get you close and I will attempt that. Since you don't need firewalling, I doubt that you need NAT also. Given that, you can actually turn of firewalling and turn either pfsense or m0n0wall into a router. I don't know where it is in m0n0, but in pfSense, it is in System -> Advanced -> Firewall/NAT. There is an option to disable the firewall. It will not NAT either with the FW off.

    As far as routing, you do not need to create routes on subnets assigned to the pfsense or m0n0wall system. It routes between them automatically.So unless you have a subnet behind another router, then you will not have to create a route at all.