Dynamic DNS as My Identifier– Cannot Establish the tunnel

  • Hello, I have setup two pfsense; one using static IP address and the other is dynamic. I saw a thread regarding this so what I did is I created a dynamic dns in no-ip.org so that it will become my identifier. seems that my configuration were ok for both sides (as i followed the instruction on the thread in this forum), but unfortunately, it is still unable to connect. the log says unknown gateway/ dynamic. to check if my dynamic dns is working, i did an nslookup on both network and it can resolve. what seems to be lacking on my configuration? do i need to configure the dynamic dns on the static pfsense box too (i configured the dynamic dns on the dynamic pfsense box)? Thank you in advance!

  • why not just use a distinguished name?  That way you define it yourseld and it remains static.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You're overcomplicating it a bit. The dynamic DNS identifier type is only needed if that end is behind NAT and can't directly see its external IP.

    Just use the dyndns hostname in the peer address on the other side, and leave all of the identifiers set to "My IP address" or "Peer IP address".

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