Multi-Wan Load-Balance Bug in 2.1 Beta

  • Primary link is a cable modem with DHCP assigned address. Secondary Link is a Cable Modem with a statically assigned /29. Secondary interface: gateway is the first address in the /29, the interface itself is the second address in the range. The remaining IP's are setup as virtual IP's. Interface group setup with both connections Tier 1.

    Outbound NAT: Primary Interface - address. Secondary Interface: A virtual IP form the range.

    When load-balancing, the traffic assigned the secondary interface "hangs" while the traffic assigned the primary interface works fine.

    Change the Interface group with the secondary connection as a Tier 2, and fail-over works great. Change the outbound NAT on the secondary interface to "interface", and load-balancing works correctly.

  • got similar problem, HANG + packet loss and need to reboot pfSense to make it work again.

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