Squid and http 1.1 support

  • Hello all,

    I have a problem with squid and it not supporting http 1.1. The problem is that pfsense is not on the latest version, I need version squid 3.2 to support http 1.1 otherwise i get a 502 gateway error.

    Will we be seeing the newer squid version?

    This is from squids website:

    Squid-3.2 claims HTTP/1.1 support. Squid v3.1 claims HTTP/1.1 support but only in sent requests (from Squid to servers). Earlier Squid versions do not claim HTTP/1.1 support by default because they cannot fully handle Expect:100-continue, 1xx responses, and/or chunked messages.

    and here is another link i found about it


    "Curl is attempting to use HTTP/1.1 features which 2.6 does not support
    (Expect:100-continue, Transfer-Encoding:chunked), and is too old to even
    have proper workarounds for broken clients. Your request won't work due
    to these even if PUT was okay.

    Please upgrade. squid-2.7/3.1 are still HTTP/1.0 but have some hacks to
    workaround the HTTP/1.1 features curl is asking for. Squid-3.2 (beta)
    has HTTP/1.1 support."

  • Squid 3.2 isn't ported yet to freebsd/pfsense. As soon it's ported, we can create the package.

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