Dual WAN / Traffic Shaping Question

  • Hi All,

    Not sure where this should be posted, so we'll try here first!

    Got a client who has just fitted out a 28-room apartment block, and is wanting to supply broadband to each room.

    Looking at a dual 8mbp ADSL solution, banded together (utilising Dual WAN feature of pfsense) with some sort of load balancing.

    Need to basically stop people from hammering torrents / eg, and stopping internet access for everybody else. Preferably may want to do this via some sort of MAC address / IP Address limiting, where address X only gets Ykb up and Zkb down for example.

    Is this possible with pfsense? do I need another program? Is it worth routing all HTTP / Standard traffic via one WAN link, and the BT / Other high traffic through the 2nd link?

    TIA and I look forward to your responses!