• Considering that I have 32 external (public) IP address, is there a way to, using pfSense, to allocate 10 (for instance) IP address to be used to rotate NAT connections coming from clients inside the private network ?

    I'm thinking about this because, sometimes an IP address get to a limit of connection in some sites (eg. rapidshare and tons of others), I thing that doing this rotate, the limit would take a little bit longer to be reached.

    If one IP address is blocked/banned, perhaps some of the others would at least a chance to be still useful.


    Regards from Rio de Janeiro.

  • I haven't tried this myself, but I think that you can define VIPs for your publics, then select 'any' for the translate address in the outbound nat. Pf will allow using a table with various addresses for NAT (if you only wanted to use some of your vips), but I don't know of a way to configure that in the gui.