Active Directory Authentication

  • I hope this is an easy topic.

    I am trying to configure the WebConfigurator to use Active Directory for authentication.  Attached are images of the configuration page and the page with an error I get when I select the Authentication Server on the Settings tab of the System: User manager settings page and click Save and Test.  What is causing this error?  If I do not then select Local Database for the Authentication Server and click Save, will I lock myself out of WebConfigurator if AD fails to authenticate?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It means what it says: It was able to bind, but not able to retrieve OU's. Perhaps the account you gave it to bind with doesn't have enough privileges to do what it's attempting?

    If the AD server auth fails it should fail back to the local auth DB, but it's best to switch back if you get an error just to be sure.

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